The IA900WA frame performs both wheel alignment and ADAS calibration. Improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

  • 24-inch touchscreen-monitor
  • Simulcast from MaxiSYS Ultra
  • MaxiSYS Ultra tablet slide with controls
  • MaxiSYS interface instead of PC for wheel alignment
  • Robotic frame movement
  • Accurate optical measurement with 6 high-resolution cameras
  • Self-calibrating cameras, always accurate, every time
  • Cameras automatically track vehicle height on elevator

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Foldable crossbar

6" minimum height

7" maximum height

IA900W wheel alignment software

Vehicle inspection of tires, brakes, suspension, steering and more. Record service recommendations, add photos and notes.

Live alignment display.

Illustrated alignment instructions, live measurements, required tools and adjustment locations are displayed on one screen.

IA900A ADAS calibration software

The fastest and most accurate placement of frames in just one minute.

Step-by-step illustrated instructions in color guide the user through the ADAS calibration process.

Set the ADAS calibration target height with the push of a button.

Dual-screen operation

Crossbar Control Pitch, Roll, Yaw and Center

New locking mechanism for folding crossbar

Self-calibrating camera

Built-in cable management

Consolidated nutrition

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