Jaltest SST

Jaltest SST is a small portable equipment designed to check the correct operation of active and
passive speed sensors, as well as to simulate both sensors to detect possible errors in the ECUs to which they are connected. Jaltest SST has a button that allows the user to interact with the device to select the operating mode. The user, through a lighting panel of LED devices, can easily detect possible errors without the need to carry out difficult and complex tests.This product enables the user to significantly reduce the time spent on checks and fault detection since it allows the detection of the focus of the issue.

  • Testing Abs sensors
  • Simulating Abs sensors
  • Reading of the sensor and simulation in the ECU
  • LEDs to indicate mode and possible errors
  • Fast fault detection
  • Portable

€ 279,00 excl VAT
€ 337,59 incl VAT

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